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True-Dose Dental Fresh Kit 3in1 for Dogs & Cats

True-Dose Dental Fresh Kit 3in1 for Dogs & Cats


  • $39.99

True-Dose Dental Fresh Kit contains all three of True-Dose's dental solutions geared toward giving your pet comprehensive dental care with no brushing required. This kit contains a convenient gel, spray and powder combination that works to reduce tartar and plaque while freshening breath. Applying each step of the kit is a simple process that ranges from direct application of gel or spray to sprinkling powder on your pet's food.

This kit works quickly to kill germs and prevent them from causing plaque and tartar build-up in the future. True-Dose Gel Fresh is a natural way to sooth gum irritation and promote dental health in both cats and dogs and is made in the United States. The products in this kit use natural products to ensure that your pet is safe and that the treatment is effective

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