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True Dose Agility for Dogs

True-Dose Agility for Dogs

  • $20.99

True-Dose Agility is a supplement for dogs that supports healthy joints and tissues that allow for better movement and comfort. This supplement utilizes the natural ingredients of glucosamine and chondroitin, among others, to promote joint reconstruction and recovery. These ingredients make the two natural components of joint cartilage to ensure that your dog's joints stay healthy and that he stays mobile.

This bottle of Agility formula True-Dose supplement comes with a pre-measured pump to ensure that dispensing it is as easy as pumping it the appropriate number of times for your dog's weight. The pumps can be administered directly to your dogs food and the supplement contains a palatable chicken flavor that your dog will love. This supplement is fast acting and extremely effective, so order it for your dog today!

Key Features:
Supports healthy joints, connective tissues and cartilage
Easy to dispense with accurate dosing
Savory chicken flavor that dogs love

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