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Medtech The Doctors NightGuard Advanced Comfort,  One Size Fits All, 1 ea

Medtech The Doctors NightGuard Advanced Comfort, One Size Fits All, 1 ea

  • $20.87

The Doctor's® NightGuard is a simple, affordable solution for protecting your teeth and jaw from the detrimental effects of nighttime teeth grinding. The Doctor’s® NightGuard consists of a moldable plastic mouth guard that comfortably fits over your upper teeth. The patented design creates a cushion between the upper and lower teeth that absorbs the force of grinding.

The Doctor's® NightGuard was developed by a leading dentist using specially formulated dental impression material. This material is easily and precisely molded to your teeth using boiling water. Because you fit The Doctor’s® NightGuard at home, it is much less expensive than a dentist-made orthosis. The entire fitting process takes less than 5 minutes, and the dental protector comes with a complete, illustrated guide to help you through it.

The NightGuard Advanced Comfort has a patented 2 layer design: a soft upper layer to cushion and absorb and a firm lower layer to prevent grinding and bite through--less bulky, more flexible, more secure.

Guaranteed Fit:

Most customers are able to obtain an excellent fit the first time they try. However, if you are not completely satisfied with the fit and comfort of this product and you would like to try to fit it again, The Doctors® will send you a new one.  Simply follow the instructions enclosed with the package.  Complete fitting instructions are inside package, and there is a toll-free number to call for extra help.  Designed by a dentist for protection and comfort.

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