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Sami the Seal Compressor Nebulizer

Sami the Seal Compressor Nebulizer

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RX Required for this product. Call for more information. 

Sami the Seal is the first nebulizer designed by Respironics specifically for children. This is a complete nebulizer system, with the compressor, nebulizer, hose and mouthpiece. The cute seal design will inspire and uplift a child making the treatment session more entertaining. - Sami the Seal is designed with the same quality compliance as that all Respironics Nebulizers meet. They come with the highly efficient Side - Stream nebulizer that provides a directed stream of aerosol mist into the child's mouth that is gentle and effective. This is coupled with the Tucker the Turtle mask leaving the little one without needing to hold the mouthpiece up to their mouth and where they can breathe naturally during treatment

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