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Butler Proxabrush Snap Ons, Step 3, 1 kit

Butler Proxabrush Snap Ons, Step 3, 1 kit

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625. Step 3: Custom Care. No. 1 recommended interdental brand. Works with all interdental refills. Proxabrush No. 1 Interdental Brand: Recommended most often by dental professionals; Proxabrush Snap-Ons is the only system with antibacterial bristles to help refills stay cleaner between uses; Nylon coated wire to protect dental restorations; Refills available in cylindrical or tapered for wider spaces. Snap On Refills have bristles with a patented Chlorhexidine antibacterial coating for continuous bristle protection during the recommended life of brush. Bacterial growth that may affect the bristles is inhibited. The Chlorhexidine in the bristles does not protect you against disease. As always, rinse your interdental brush. Easy on - Easy off refills eliminate threading tiny bristles. Snap onto handle. Hold button to remove. Easiest loading system available! Hygienic, easy load refill packs. Works with all interdental refills with enclosed convert head. Snap converter onto handle. Press release button, insert standard refill and close latch. 3-Step System to Healthier Gums: Step 1 - Brushing alone is not enough because it only removes up to 50% of plaque. Step 2 - Brushing and flossing only remove up to 70% of plaque. Step 3 - For optimal gum health, brush, floss, schedule regular dental visits and consult your dental professional to customize your oral care routine. Made in Mexico.

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