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Smart-Temp Portable/Reusable Hot/Cold Pad

Smart-Temp Portable/Reusable Hot/Cold Pad

  • $11.99

Model HC1201. Soothing therapy for pain relief. Improved. Now with Thermal Matrix. Holds therapeutic temperature longer (Versus previous SmartTemp technology). Soft, flexible pad with straps. No cords or plugs. 6 x 12 inch pad. Heats in microwave. Cools in freezer. Soft, washable cloth cover. Strap helps secure pad in place. SmartTemp Hot-Cold Therapy System: One Pack Has Three Uses: Moist or dry heat or cold therapy treatments; Provides deep penetrating heat; Pliable when cold or hot; molds to the affected area for maximum benefit; Maintains temperature for optimal therapeutic benefit and is environmentally safe and non-toxic; Easier to use than hot water bottles or ice bags. Heat Retention Properties: Equivalent to Medium electric heat setting. Therapeutic relief of sports injuries, back or muscle pain, arthritis, menstrual pain. 1 Year warranty. Assembled in USA.

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