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Men-Phor, Anti-Itch, 7.5 oz

Men-Phor, Anti-Itch, 7.5 oz

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Men-phor!™ is comparable to Sarna Lotion® (Stiefel Laboratories)
Men-phor™ is a therapeutic solution for controlling symptoms of pruritus, a condition which causes uncontrolled scratching and localized dermatitis.  This steroid-free, anti-itch lotion is often used by dermatologists, nurses and doctors to help manage the symptoms of sunburn, insect bites and poison ivy.  Men-phor™ contains a rich lubricating emollient (castor oil) along with cooling camphor and menthol ingredients to help relieve dry, itchy skin.  For your convenience, Men-phor™ also offers various bottle sizes and lid styles, including a push pump dispenser and a flip-top cap.

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