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Becton-Dickinson Insulin Syringes,  3/1 CC, 100 Units 0.3 cc

Becton-Dickinson Insulin Syringes, 3/1 CC, 100 Units 0.3 cc

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Today's insulin needle is thinner and more delicate for greater comfort, so needle reuse can damage the tip and cause injury. 3/10 cc for 30 units or less. 1/2 in. Length needle. 30 gauge needle. For U-100 insulin. Choose the right BD insulin syringe size for you! Needle Gauge: The higher the number, the thinner the needle. Do you prefer a thinner needle or a thicker one that is less flexible? This syringe has a 30 gauge needle. The higher the gauge, the thinner the needle. Needle Length: Speak with your health care professional to find out what needle length is best for you. This needle is 1/2 in. long. Maximum Dose and Scale Markings: Syringes are available that will allow you to take doses up to 100 units (1cc), 50 units (1/2cc) or 30 units (3/10cc) of insulin. To make it easier to measure an accurate dose, choose the smallest syringe that will hold the largest dose you must take. This syringe holds up to 30 units of insulin and has scale marks for every unit. Convenient 10-Packs: Needle shield and plunger cap guarantees that the fluid path is sterile unless the syringe is opened or damaged. No need for bulky packaging. Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic. Made in USA.

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