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L'Oreal Frost & Design Natural Or Permed

L'Oreal Frost & Design Natural Or Permed

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For light blonde to light brown long hair
For natural or color-treated hair
L'Oreal Frost & Design enables you to customize your look The easy highlighting cap lets you create perfectly placed, precise, even highlights - in as little as 20 minutes The end-look is a delectable swirl of creamy highlights for a sun-kissed glow
L'Oreal's Frost & Design includes a toning rinse so hair is shiny without brassiness
This ultra-rich conditioning creme formula protects to keep hair soft, with a silky feel and healthy-looking shine The special non-drip formula is easy to mix and apply This product can be used on natural, color-treated, or permed hair
Please wait to use 2 weeks after perming
This Frost & Design Kit Contains
Highlighting cap, Overcap, Plastic styling hook/applicator, Metal styling hook, Mixing tray, Lightening powder, Creme developer, Frosting protective creme, Toning rinse, Conditioning shampoo, Insert, and Gloves.

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