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Butler Floss Threaders, Step 2, 25 ea

Butler Floss Threaders, Step 2, 25 ea

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840. Step 2: Floss. No. 1 floss threader. Recommended most often by dental professionals. Threads floss under braces, bridges, implants and crowns. Easy dispensing case. Flex Eez-Thru loops for safe and comfortable use. 3-Step System to Healthier Gums: Step 1 - Brushing alone is not enough because it only removes up to 50% of plaque. Step 2 - Brushing and flossing only remove up to 70% of plaque. Step 3 - For optimal gum health, brush, floss, schedule regular dental visits and consult your dental professional to customize your oral care routine. Made in USA.

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