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Similasan Eye Drops Number 2, Allergy Eyes, 0.33 oz

Similasan Eye Drops Number 2, Allergy Eyes, 0.33 oz

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Hayfever Itching Red-Eyes

Healthy Relief Eye Drops, #2 for Allergy Eyes is a homeopathic preparation for eye and eyelid discomfort resulting from hay fever, reddening, swelling, itching and burning.


One to several times daily, place 1-2 drops in each eye. Squeeze plastic outlet of bottle with two fingers and allow preparations to drip into eye. Replace cap immediately after using.

Additional Info:

Natural Swiss Medication Eye Drops. According to homeopathic principles the ingredients of this medication give you temporary relief from symptoms of: Hay fever, allergic reactions of the eyes and eyelids, such as: Redness, itching and burning sensations, excessive tearing.


Active ingredients (homeopathic): Apis HPU.S6x, Euphrasia HPU.S6x, Sabadilla HPU.S6x Inactive Ingredients: SoluSept... 0.001%, Natrium Chlorathum... 0.9%, Purified Water.

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