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Gillette Venus Embrace Refill Cartridges, 4 ea

Gillette Venus Embrace Refill Cartridges, 4 ea

  • $17.78

Each Cartridge has 5 blades with Ribbon of Moisture.

Venus invites women to embrace a whole new level of smoothness with Venus Embrace, a technologically advanced shaving system that delivers superior performance and represents the brand's biggest launch since the original Venus razor.

Venus Embrace is a 5-blade shaving system complete with a Protective Ribbon of Moisture that provides a smooth glide for a comfortable shave that gets virtually every hair for dramatically smooth skin. Five curve-hugging blades individually adjust to stay in contact with the skin - even around such tricky shaving areas as the knees and ankles.

Features & Benefits:

Five blades are positioned closely together and spring-mounted to create a shaving surface that adjusts to natural contours and curves, allowing the blade cartridge to sit flatter on the skin.

A Protective Ribbon of Moisture fully surrounds the shaving surface for a smooth glide.

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