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Summers Eve Douche, Extra Cleansing Vinegar & Water, 2 Units 4.5 oz

Summers Eve Douche, Extra Cleansing Vinegar & Water, 2 Units 4.5 oz

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100% Natural; Hypo-Allergenic. Refresh as it cleans. Complete and ready-to-use. Clinically tested. Extra Cleansing Vinegar and Water is specially formulated to cleanse away vaginal secretions, without detergents. So you get extra cleansing with saline, the solution most used in hospitals for cleaning of delicate areas. Premixed, premeasured, ready-to-use, but with an important difference: only Summer's Eve douches have an exclusive one-piece design so there are no separate parts to assemble before use. The Comfortip nozzle and easy angle flexible neck make insertion and use easier and more comfortable than ever. Clinically tested to be safe, Summer's Eve douches are effective, completely sanitary, and disposable. How Summer's Eve Is Different: Exclusive One-Piece Unit - The bottle and nozzle are one single unit, so there's nothing to assemble. Complete and ready-to-use. Comfortip Nozzle - The Summer's Eve douche nozzle has been designed to assure easy and comfortable insertion. Easy Angle Flexible Neck - The exclusive flexible neck allows you to adjust the nozzle to the most comfortable position for you. Exclusive Gentle Cleansing Formulas - Summer's Eve douches have special gentle cleansing formulas with purified water to leave you fresh and clean. Safety Overwrap - Only Summer's Eve units come completely overwrapped for sanitary protection prior to use. Do not use if the overwrap imprinted Freshness Has Never Been Simpler is torn or missing.

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