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Curad Hold Tite Tubular Stretch Bandage, Large

Curad Hold Tite Tubular Stretch Bandage, Large

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Secure dressings without adhesives or compression. Comfortable, flexible, breathable. Ideal for hard to bandage areas. Ideal for knees and elbows. Latex free product. Medium: 5 yards stretched (4.5 m). Sizing: Large (arms, legs, hands, feet, thighs): Maximum stretch diameter 24 inches. Hold Tite is used in hospitals to keep wound dressings in place without tapes or adhesives that can cause skin irritation. It is a flexible and comfortable rayon/polyester knitted tubular design with a soft open weave that allows skin to breathe. It does not stick to hair, skin or dressings. Hold Tite does not constrict and allows for frequent and easy inspection of the wound and changing of wound dressings. Hold Tite dispenses as a tube from the box. Simply cut to the desired length. Ideal for: legs, knees, arms, elbows, feet, hands, head and other areas that are difficult to tape or have frequent movement.

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