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Eucerin Creme, Calming, 8 oz

Eucerin Creme, Calming, 8 oz

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Dermatologist recommended. With soothing oatmeal for dry, itchy skin. Rich, non-greasy moisturizer for daily use. Appropriate for use on children. Non-irritating. Fragrance free. Eucerin, the dermatologist-trusted brand for dry skin care. Dry skin, especially associated with atopic dermatitis or eczema, is not just rough and flaky, it also becomes easily irritated and itchy. Eucerin Calming Creme is specially developed to break the bothersome itch-scratch cycle and bring dry, itchy skin back under control. The non-greasy formula provides rich moisturization along with soothing oatmeal to calm the skin. Used daily it helps prevent the reoccurrence of dry, itchy skin. Provides effective moisturization. Breaks the vicious cycle of dry, itchy skin. Fragrance-free. No medicinal smell. Appropriate for children and sensitive skin. Non-greasy, fast absorbing. Non-comedogenic.

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