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Nature's Bounty CoQ-10 Q-Sorb 100mg, 30 softgels

Nature's Bounty CoQ-10 Q-Sorb 100mg, 30 softgels

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Q-Sorb™ is a natural, highly bioavailable form of Co Q-10. As a powerful antioxidant, it helps fight cell-damaging free radicals, supports heart health and helps the body convert food to energy.*

  • Important for statin medication users — can replenish what statin medications can deplete◊
  • Powerful antioxidant support for the heart*
  • Easy-to-swallow softgels contribute to energy production*
  • Clinically Studied Ingredient for Heart Health*

◊Note: Coenzyme Q-10 is not intended to serve as a replacement for Statin therapy, nor should you discontinue taking any prescribed medications while supplementing with Coenzyme Q-10.

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