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 Clear Eyes Complete 7 Symptom Relief, 0.5 oz

Clear Eyes Complete 7 Symptom Relief, 0.5 oz

  • $6.47

Enhanced Formula*
Astringent/Lubricant/Redness Reliever Eye Drops

Up to 8 Hours of Soothing Comfort

Relieves Red, Itchy, Gritty, Irritated, Burning, Water Eyes

Looking for relief from multiple eye symptoms?
You'll find relief with Clear Eyes® Complete 7 Symptom Relief Eye Drops.  It's formulated with an extra lubricant to moisturize and soothe dry eyes, plus a redness reliever and an astringent, to calm burning, irritated, itchy eyes.

A Sterile Buffered Solution

*Enhanced formula eye drops have more active ingredients in one product than Clear Eyes® Redness Relief, Maximum Redness Relief, Maximum Itchy Eye Relief, and Triple Action.

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