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Cara Breast Pump 45, 1 ea

Cara Breast Pump 45, 1 ea

  • $5.80

Cara Breast Pump Assists mother when breast feeding. Manual bulb pump.

Cara Breast Pump use for withdrawing milk from the breast. Temporary use of a breast pump could be indicated to relieve engorgement, when breasts are so distended that the baby is unable to latch on, and when you are separated from your baby for short periods on an occasional basis. Long-term use of a breast pump is recommended when a mother wants to provide breastmilk for her premature or ill infant, until breastfeeding can be initiated or resumed. Long-term milk expression is also indicated when mother and baby are separated for long periods, when the mother returns to work, to increase milk production or induce lactation for an adopted baby.

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