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Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags, 25 bags

Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags, 25 bags

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Breastmilk Storage

The milk you express for your baby is a precious fluid. It combines the best possible nutrition with antibodies, live cells, and other substances that protect babies from infection and help them grow and develop. You'll want to take good care of it and how you store it will affect how well it is preserved. Features: Double zipper seal for extra security. Tissue pack dispenser for easy access and storage. Write-on tab outside fill area eliminates potential puncture and ink contamination. This feature also makes it easy to write on even after bag is full. Stores flat in the freezer taking up less space and making it easier to thaw. Special design provides convenient pour spout for transferring breastmilk. Breastmilk storage guide inside.

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