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Breeze2 Test Strips, 4 Units 50 ea

Breeze2 Test Strips, 4 Units 50 ea

  • $269.69

No Strip Handling. 5 discs (50 test strips)

New Look, Same Great Product.  Only for use with Bayer's Breeze® 2 Blood Glucose Meter.


  • 10% w/w glucose oxidase (Aspergillus niger, 24 U/mg) 
  • 68.5% w/w potassium ferricyanide
  • 21.5% w/w non-reactive ingredients

Bayer HealthCare LLC does not warrant use of the Bayer's Breeze®2 Blood Glucose Meter with any test strip other than Bayer's Breeze®2 Blood Glucose Test Strips. For Complete warranty information,k refer to User Guide.

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