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Boiron Arnica Gel, 2.6 oz

Boiron Arnica Gel, 2.6 oz

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Arnica (Arnica Montana) is a homeopathic anti-inflammatory that may be used for traumatic_x000D_ injury, bruises, strained joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, tensive backache, concussion,_x000D_ stroke, heart strain and reduces pain and bleeding after surgery.

_x000D_ Instructions:

Gently apply a thin layer of Arnica Gel to affected area as soon as_x000D_ possible after minor injury, and repeat 3 times a day.

Additional Info:

Arnica_x000D_ Gel is non-greasy, non-sticky gel quickly absorbed by the skin.

_x000D_ Ingredients:

Arnica Montana 1X 7%, Purified Water, Alcohol, Carbomer, Silicone Oil,_x000D_ Sodium Hydroxide.

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