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Anbesol Gel, Regular Strength, 0.25 oz - PlanetRx

Anbesol Gel, Regular Strength, 0.25 oz

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Nobody likes to hear the word "cavity." And nobody likes to feel the throbbing pain that can come with it. Unfortunately, toothaches are usually the result of a cavity or lost filling that's causing the pain. Cavities are caused by acids produced by bacteria in plaque build-up on your tooth. These acids eventually eat through your tooth's enamel surface. This in turn creates a bigger and deeper cavity. If you think you have a cavity or if you feel a pain in your mouth (dull, sharp or otherwise), visit your dentist immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment. In the meantime, for instant toothache pain relief, try doctor recommended Anbesol® Maximum Strength in gel and liquid form.

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