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LifeSource Advanced Manual Inflate Blood Pressure Digital Monitor Model  UA-705V 1 Kit, INFL MD, 1 ea

LifeSource Advanced Manual Inflate Blood Pressure Digital Monitor Model UA-705V 1 Kit, INFL MD, 1 ea


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LifeSource Advanced Manual Inflate

Blood Pressure Monitor

30 Memory Recall Function
Irregular Heartbeat Detection
Calculates and Displays Average Readings

Clinically Validated for Accuracy

Monitor Features

Pressure Rating Indicator- Visually indicates user's blood pressure category from measurments taken (see details inside.)

Irregular Heartbeat Feature- Alerts user of presence of an irregular heartbeat and provides blood pressure and pulse rate measurements even if an irregular heartbeat occurs

Displays Average Readings- Calculates the average of the total readings stored in a memory; a convenient way to get a snapshot of your measurements.

Choose the right cuff.
Using the correct size cuff is important for accurate reading. Measure the circumference of your upper arm at the midpoint between the shoulder and elbow. The LifeSource medium cuff can be used on either arm.

Select the proper cuff size
Medium- Arm Size 9.4"-14.2" (24-36cm)
Large- Arm Size 14.2"-17.7 (36-45cm)

This monitor is not compatible with LifeSource small cuffs

This box contains:
Monitor with 30 Memory Recall
Trilingual Instruction Manual - English, Francais, Espanol

Latex-Free Bulb

Quick Start Card
Blood Pressure Logbook
One AA Battery

Fast. Easy. Accurate.

LifeSource blood pressure monitors provide an accurate record of your blood pressure over a period of time.

This can be a vlauable aid in diagnosing and preventing potential health problems.

This monitor provides professional accuracy at home, so you can be confident that your readings are consistently correct.

Also included is an Irregular Heartbeat Detection that alerts the user and provides an accurate measurement even when a irregular heartbeat occurs.

You are able to store up to 30 readings in memory on this monitor so your doctor can see results that reflect your true blood pressure taken in the comfort of your home.
The whole process is quick and easy. Just press the Start button, squeeze the bulb and you are on your way.


Step 1: Slide on cuff and secure comfortably.

Step 2: Press Start button. Squeeze bulb to inflate cuff.

Step 3: Blood pressure is measured as cuff automatically deflates. Results will be displayed on the screen.

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