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Privacy Policy



This Privacy Policy lets you know how your information may be collected, used, and shared by PlanetRx. We may periodically update this Privacy Policy in response to changes at our business, changes of law, changes to standards, or to better serve you. When an update to this Privacy Policy is made it will be posed to this page and will be effective when posted.

If you purchase a product, request a service, request information, register as a customer, or subscribe to another feature available through this website, we may ask you to provide information about yourself. By way of example, we may ask you for identifying information, this could include your full name, electronic mail address (e-mail address), physical address (street address), telephone number, user identification number, date of birth, and other similar types of information. We may also ask you for or otherwise collect information about you employment background, education, and other demographic information.

When you use this website we may collect other information from you based on your interaction with this website and other websites which you have visited. Typically, this information is provided to from your web-browser, your web-browser may send us information about the type of web-browser you are using, what websites directed you to this website, your language preferences, and access times. We may collect information about how long you use our website, which operating system you are using, which links and other website features you access or attempt to access, your Internet Protocol address (IP address),  and other similar types of information. Information presented to you through this website might be tailored to you based on information which we collect.

In order to help us improve your experience with this website and to allow us to better understand your internet use, purchase history, personal preferences, and other types of consumer behavior, we may store some information on your computer in the form of a “cookie” or web-beacon. Your web-browser may allow you to control or set standards as to how a “cookie” is handled by your computer.

If you enter or otherwise provide us with payment information, your payment information may be collected by us or sent securely to a third party vendor for the purpose of processing your payment.  Payment information which is received by us through this website is handled in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as industry standards. 

If you have a question or concern related to your use of this website you may contact the privacy officer in writing at the address listed below:

ATTN: Privacy Officer
500 Eagles Landing Drive
Lakeland, FL 33810

You may also contact the privacy officer to request a change or update information which you have previously provided to us or to opt-out from receiving certain information.  If you have an update to payment or similar information you are encouraged to call the Customer Service telephone number.

We do not sell your financial or personal information collected from your use of this web-site to third parties. We may share information about you and receive information about you from our business partners. Our business partners are or will be required to agree to protect your financial and personal information in accordance with applicable federal and state laws, as well as standards set by nationally recognized accrediting bodies.

This website may contain links to websites controlled by third parties. This Privacy Policy only applies to this website. We do not have control of privacy policies or content available through websites controlled by third parties.  

We use industry standard protocols to protect your information from misuse. We are not able to guarantee industry standard protocols will always protect your information, however we will use commercially reasonable efforts to protect your information. PlanetRx is a trademark of WellDyne Health, LLC. Nothing contained in this Privacy Policy limits or restricts protections granted to PlanetRx through the Terms of Service.




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