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PlanetRx Celebrates Successful Re-Launch

PlanetRx has demonstrated improved customer satisfaction ratings with timely order fulfillment and increased offerings aimed at improving customers’ healthy lifestyles.

May 18, 2014, Lakeland, FL – PlanetRx re-launched one year ago with the lofty goal of improving customer’s healthy lifestyles. Not content to be just an online e-commerce website for the sake of moving merchandise, PlanetRx has specialized in providing the highest quality over-the-counter (OTC) medications and health care products to enrich the lives and improve the health of their users.

The response has been positive.

“ has demonstrated what the power of a re-energized brand can do with new leadership and vision,” stated Zach Johnson, VP of Business Development for PlanetRx. “Since re-imagining and re-launching the new our customer satisfaction ratings have steadily climbed in response to careful attention to both products offered and the flow of the buying process.”

With new management, the over-the-counter e-commerce website strives to engage customers in healthier living by providing the products they need to make healthy choices. The company shifted the focus of the business practices to the individual, so that each customer was content with the entire process. A customer who is satisfied with the buying process is likely to be a repeat customer, which is important to establish routines of healthy living – whether the purchases are vitamins, herb supplements, or other daily health care items.

PlanetRx has established business-to-business and business-to-consumer offerings through its partnerships with other health care interests.

“PlanetRx is able to offer customer groups exactly what they need to be successful,” stated Johnson. “Whether we are working with our Elder Care partners to identify patient needs and make ordering elder-friendly, or partnering with diabetic services companies to offer products and supplies, PlanetRx is striving to be a leading and trusted resource to improve people’s lives.”

Additional modifications to the site include product requests for desired items not found on the site, plans to add helpful consumer health information, and targeted products for hard to find items that appeal to niche demographic markets.

Johnson noted that, “With PlanetRx, a good portion of the consumer market can be well served, and with our competitive pricing, enhanced product offering, and elevated customer service, our goal is to enrich the lives of our customers.”

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