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Customer Satisfaction Rebounds as New PlanetRx Ownership Improves E-tailer

One year after taking ownership and implementing changes PlanetRx sees all time highs in customer satisfaction responses.

September 10, 2014, Lakeland, FL - PlanetRx, the consumer-focused healthcare website that was re-launched with new ownership in 2013, has spent the last year improving customer service by building a more personalized and responsive user experience. The results have been impressive.

Monique Vargas, the lead customer service representative since the ownership change, reports a significant difference in both the processes used to fill orders and the communication between PlanetRx and the consumer.

“There have been zero returns since the re-launch,” reports Vargas. “The quality control measures in place assure the customer receives their correct order in good condition.” 

One of the first problems to overcome was the dead que. Customers would call on the telephone to resolve an issue, navigate the phone tree, wait on hold, but never get to speak to a live operator. PlanetRx quickly changed the process to have a live operator answer both phone and email.  Customers now have human interaction and personalized service to assist with their orders.

Customers are also encouraged to provide feedback. An automated email gets sent to each person after the order is completed asking for an appraisal of the shopping experience. The customer service representatives ask for customer opinions and feed results back to management to continually improve service. Plus the website allows customers to leave product reviews on specific items to encourage interaction and improve selection.

PlanetRx has a goal of making people’s lives better through healthy living. Building trust trough personal interaction and a commitment to high quality service is a part of meeting that goal. From all indications the results are clearly in the consumer’s favor.



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