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PlanetRx Integrating Apple Pay™ to Improve Customer Experience

PlanetRx wants to leverage the innovation of Apple® technology to guarantee a better customer experience on the new

September 25, 2014, Lakeland, FL - PlanetRx, the e-commerce retailer dedicated to helping consumers live healthier lives, today announced plans to incorporate Apple Pay into the checkout process when customers use its mobile site. PlanetRx has been focused on improving the customer experience since it re-launched the website in 2013. Adding the recently announced payment solution from Apple is another commitment to that end.

“Apple pay is only one of a host of new improvements that shows our commitment to a better customer experience and an investment in new technologies,” said Ryan Flynn, the Product and Strategy Manager for PlanetRx.

The new service category from Apple is an effort to create a new easy, secure, and private way for customers to pay for merchandise in person and online. The technology centers around the iOS platform currently available in the iPhone® 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

These easy, secure payment methods can be integrated into the PlanetRx checkout process and the underlying framework. According to Apple product specifications, online checkout can happen with a single touch – removing the need to manually fill out account forms or repeatedly type in shipping and billing information. The result will be continued improvements in the PlanetRx website and brand loyalty.

“PlanetRx is turning over a new leaf, using a brand that may have lost its luster into a platform to build a better future for consumers, and we hope the original founders will be proud of it,” said Flynn.

Since re-launching the site in 2013 the PlanetRx team has worked diligently to add features that improve customer service, quality control, and timely feedback. The efforts have resulted in a zero-return rate for merchandise and a dramatically improved feedback rating.



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