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Worn by more than 500,000 kids, AllerMates allergy bracelets and medical alert bracelets are recognized within classrooms, at parties, on campgrounds and more. Help your child stay safe, too, against food allergies or other health concerns with our adjustable, colorful and kid-friendly alert bracelets, free of BPA, phthalates, nickel and latex.  AllerMates also offers high quality, fashionable and functional allergy medicine bags and inhaler cases. Compact and insulated, they offer tons of features to keep your child's allergy and asthma medicines secure and easily accessible. Parents no longer have to feel uncomfortable about leaving behind their kids epinephrine (i.e., EpiPen® or Auvi-Q® auto-injectors) or asthma inhalers when under the care of others. All of our cases include a double-sided emergency contact and medications info card.



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