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Wound Care to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted by Drew Mandish on

Wound care contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Wound Care with CellerateRx

CellerateRx is an advanced wound care product that utilizes activated collagen fragments to speed up collagen’s vital role in wound healing. The collagen fragments in CellerateRx are a fraction of the size of collagen found in other products. This means it can be used by the body immediately to jump start collagen’s role in the wound healing process. celleraterxCellerateRx activated collagen gel can be used on almost any type of wound. It is FDA cleared for cuts, scrapes, traumatic wounds, diabetic ulcers, superficial wounds, skin tears, surgical wounds, 1st and 2nd degree burns, and more! CellerateRx excels in all phases of wound healing – from the first dressing to closure. The collagen in CellerateRx blocks nerve endings to reduce pain. The gel’s special formula provides moisture to wounds, preventing dehydration. The collagen in CellerateRX also minimizes scarring. CellerateRX gel works fast, with its specially sized CRXa™ fragments providing immediate collagen benefits to help heal wounds. It provides results often twice as fast as Mother Nature alone, and it's easy to use without the need for a prescription. CellerateRx  is biodegradable -- it does not require removal from the wound for each dressing change  -- has a convenient gel form that allows you to use only what you need for each application and keep the remaining gel for future applications, and requires no special storage. For more information about CellerateRx visit

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