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When Your Corner Drugstore Goes Bust

Posted by Drew Mandish on

Somewhere in your mind is probably a nostalgic picture of a hometown America that may not have existed in your lifetime, but that picturesque, Norman Rockwell town includes a corner drugstore that sells penny candy and nickel sodas from the soda fountain.


Alas, like Elvis, that brick and mortar vision of a drugstore has passed away. So too, now, has the digital version. At least one $429 million digital version.


Back in July 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported that Walgreens Boots Alliance (aka Walgreens) was closing the online retailer which it had acquired sometime before in conjunction with That shutdown is now complete. The digital windows are boarded over, so to speak.


So where do consumers go when the corner drugstore goes bust? Walgreens hopes they will choose the parent company website, but there are other options.


Giant megastores still exist – both digital and physical – but so do the smaller and more personal independent drugstores. One of those is the venerable


PlanetRx was birthed online in 1998 as a purely digital drugstore. The company domain and resources were acquired by a traditional brick and mortar pharmacy and the reborn in 2014. Since its relaunch, PlanetRx has improved customer satisfaction ratings with timely order fulfillment and increased offerings aimed at improving customers’ healthy lifestyles. These improvements look to treat the customer with respect as individuals, and to keep them coming back as repeat shoppers.


PlanetRx offers a customer loyalty program to recognize the value of repeat customers and the benefits they can enjoy. The company also offers free shipping over $49, a tradition that has been a signature for many years. PlanetRx also offers several ways to connect with a personal representative at any point during the shopping experience – call, email, or leave a message directly from the site.


The hometown drugstore may no longer offer penny candy, but the personal attention of a good customer service experience is still available in the digital drugstore that is For more information on PlanetRx and promotional offers, such as the Free Shipping on orders over $49, please call 1.855.748.2657 or visit

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