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Weight Loss at What Cost?

Posted by Drew Mandish on

Weight loss is an important part of the modern life-cycle. At some point the body’s metabolism slows down and the calories one is used to consuming becomes nothing more than stored energy in the form of fat. Enter the need to lose weight, and possibly consider using a weight loss supplement. Five things NOT to try are any of these supplements, which have all been voluntarily recalled for containing the cancer-causing ingrediants Phenolphthalein and/or Sibutramine, made by MyNicknaxs

  • Magic Slim, Fruta Bio
  • SlimEasy,
  • Super Fat Burning Bomb
  • Slim Xtreme, Meizi Evolution
  • Meizitang Strong Version Botanical Slimming
Few OTC supplements, if any, are proven to actually lead to weight loss. Always consult your health care provider or pharmacist before trying any weight loss supplement. Decades of research have shown that the combination of consuming a lower calorie diet and engaging in daily exercise is the most effective strategy for weight loss.

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