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Vitamins and Supplements Help Manage Diabetes

Posted by Drew Mandish on

Vitamins and Supplements Help Manage Diabetes

The first thing you may think about when you hear “diabetes” is insulin or some other prescribed medicine. However, along with diet and exercise (managed by input from your health care provider, of course) is the option of using vitamins and supplements. Diabetes is considered a “wasting disease” because the condition can cause a loss of nutrients, body fluids, or eventually muscles and organs. To combat this many experts recommend a nutritional supplement or vitamin regimen. Not getting enough fresh fruits and vegetables in one’s diet can cause a shortfall in nutrients. If that sounds like you, a supplement may be in order. In addition to a multi-vitamin, B-complex vitamins help replenish the body’s natural stores, as do vitamins C, D, and E. Also, supplements such as Chromium, Magnesium, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids have some evidence to support diabetes-fighting benefits. Even cinnamon and caffeine have been shown in some studies to give the body an extra boost in replenishing the body.

Healthy Living Means Smart Management

Research some natural, herbal, or supplemental benefits that may help you manage your diabetes well. Then talk to your doctor or health care provider for more information to see if a change to your treatment plan may be in order.  

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