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Using Tech Against Parkinson’s

Posted by Drew Mandish on


The cause of Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is unknown, so scientists are asking for your help -- specifically if you have an iPhone®, whether or not you have PD. Scientists want to use a grassroots base of iPhone users to collect specific health data and general information to build a super database of raw data that can be used to unlock more about the cause, prevention, and treatment of PD. The application is mPower. According to the product website:

The mPower application uses a mix of surveys and tasks that activate phone sensors to collect and track health and symptoms of PD progression - like dexterity, balance or gait. Our goals are to learn about the variations of PD, to improve the way we describe and manage these variations, and to learn whether mobile devices and sensors can help measure PD and its progression to ultimately improve the quality of life for people with PD.
mPower may end up being one piece in the puzzle that unlocks the unknowns about PD. If you have PD or are interested in finding out more, consult with your healthcare provider. PlanetRx is committed to helping you use any and all resources available to improve your health and enjoy your life.

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