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Using Mapping Technology to End Diseases

Posted by Drew Mandish on

The University of California San Francisco uses advanced technology such as the Google Earth Engine to attempt to map our areas of diseases, particularly Malaria, around the world in an effort to contain, predict, and possibly halt its spread. By identifying the risks to an area of the world the limited resources can be more efficiently targeted to the epicenter of the highest need. By combining the powerful satellite data with data from local and international health organizations the school is able to analyze potential patterns in the disease lifecycle. According to an article released by the UCSF,

The new tool will be piloted in Swaziland, a country in southern Africa that has limited malaria to a few small pockets across the country through the malaria elimination program it launched in 2008 with help from the Global Health Group. Plans are to make the tool available to health workers in other countries working with the Global Health Group’s Malaria Elimination Initiative. The tool could also be adapted to predict other infectious diseases.
The idea is a fascinating concept in how to use technology to manage or even eliminate diseases around the world by targeting resources most effectively. PlanetRx brings you information on a variety of tech tools to help manage your health, but as always consult with your healthcare provider on the most relevant information for you health needs.

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