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Super Computer, M.D.

Posted by Drew Mandish on

The future of the medical field is technology. What that technology will eventually look like or how it will evolve is up for debate. One of the technologies currently in development for the advancement of health care is the use of supercomputers to analyze and structure vast amounts of discrete, unstructured data. This idea is similar to what Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, and other platforms do now. You ask a question or type in a search term in a language and format you understand and the technology is programmed to process tons of data to extract the most likely answer to your query. Each of the major computer giants has their own term for their processes. Apple uses Siri. Microsoft has Cortana. IBM named their process Watson.   Watson analyzes unstructured data, evaluates all possible meanings of the question being asked, and presents answers and solutions. The intent is to reveal insights, patterns and relationships across the data that is meaningful and helpful to the questioner. IBM hopes to use Watson in universities, health care, and medical research companies. The goal is to improve understanding in the medical field both in general and for specific applications. Looking ahead, it’s not difficult to see an individual’s health questions being answered directly by one of the artificial intelligence processes, like Watson. Or is that Dr. Watson? Those days may be years in the making. In the meantime, be sure to consult your health care professionals for all your medical needs. PlanetRx is committed to help you live your healthiest life now. Photo credit: IBM

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