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Smartwatches May Be Good For Your Health

Posted by Drew Mandish on

By the year 2020, smartwatches are forecast to be a regular part of your health care routine. Today we see smartwatches as novelties; gadgets for the early adopters, the tech savvy, and computer geeks, but the health care market is already beginning to show significant signs of growth. Apps designed to work with smartwatch platforms (both Apple® and Android®) are already on the market, joining several year’s worth of techy fitness monitors (like Fitbit®). Healthcare companies are beginning to partner with private investors to develop the next generation of software for health related use. Pilot programs and scientific studies are already underway to test and prove the validity of these types of health care uses.  Putting together analyst’s forecasts that show dramatic year-over-year increases in smartwatch sales coupled with the trend for personal use (e.g. health care) these gadgets may be a common part of your daily life. Current uses already available include monitoring the wearer’s activity, sleep cycles, pulse rate, and other physiological parameters. Additionally, specialized apps are targeted at patients with epilepsy, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Future uses include aggregating data sets to analyze health factors or present diagnostic data to your physician or emergency responders, monitoring specialized data and additional parameters for patients with high risk in a health area, and maintaining complete (secure) medical records available instantly by authorized personnel. So, even if you’re hesitant about smartwatches today there could come a time very soon when wearing one becomes a matter of your good health. As these trends develop, be sure to talk with your doctor and health care team about options that may benefit your healthy living.

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