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Smart Socks for Healthy Living

Posted by Drew Mandish on

The day may come when your socks are smarter than you. Not about everything in life, of course, but maybe about your biology. Students at Hebrew University of Jerusalem have developed a prototype product called SenseGO, a machine-washable sock containing dozens of micro-fabricated pressure sensors. The smart socks are designed to interface with a smartphone to give the brain – via alerts and readouts of the smartphone – more feedback about the wearer’s physical condition. According to an article on,

Changes in pressure are registered as electrical signals and relayed to a smartphone app, which informs the patient of developing risk. By giving patients the tools to prevent the development of foot ulcers, this can dramatically reduce healthcare costs related to diabetes.
Diabetes can erode the sensation in the feet leading to damage or even amputation in extreme cases. Reduced feeling can lead to ulcers or injury that can cause infection or other complication. The SenseGO smart socks are designed to restore some of the feedback to the wearer. Additionally, the socks could send alerts to health care providers or caregivers for patients who need even more attention or accountability. The uses of the device have not been fully realized but initial tests are promising both medically and commercially. As with any health care routines, be sure to consult your own health care provider for the latest in diagnosis and treatment information. PlanetRx is committed to your vision of healthy living.

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