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Professional Wound Care Available To The Public!

Posted by Drew Mandish on

CellerateRX® is an activated collagen™ product available for home use as a gel that can be used to help heal quickly many wound types – including scrapes, blisters, burns, and biopsies. In professional application, CellerateRX® can be used through the continuum of severity to treat even diabetic ulcerations, skin graft complications, and other extensive injuries. About the only wounds not proven for use at this point (though research is pending) are severe third and fourth degree burns.

CellerateRX® is a Type 1 activated hydrolyzed bovine collagen. The medical benefits of collagen in general are well documented, but because of the small size of the CellerateRX® collagen particulates the body is able to absorb and make use of the collagen properties immediately. This distinction is one of several features that sets CellerateRX® apart from other collagen products. To purchase or find out more visit

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