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Probiotics: the Good Bacteria

Posted by Drew Mandish on

Bacteria in the body does not sound like a good thing, but certain bacteria is essential for healthy functioning. This “good” bacterium is known as probiotics. ‘Probiotics’ is becoming a buzz word in the health world, and there a lots of health claims circulating on their benefits. What actually are probiotics and what are their benefits? Probiotics are bacteria that are found in the digestive system. They are used to prevent diarrhea, gas and cramping as well as prevent infections such as yeast or urinary tract and control inflammation. Yogurt and yeast are the 2 largest sources of these healthy bacteria, although they can also be found in fermented foods or taken as a supplement. You can find a full line of probiotic supplements at If you have digestive system problems, try gradually incorporating more probiotics into your diet. Fermented foods and yogurt are both great sources of probiotics. Make sure that you read the food label and it says that there are “live, active cultures” in the food. Some yogurts are pasteurized and this process can kill the healthy bacteria. Yogurts with “live, active cultures” have the probiotics added back in after the pasteurization process is complete.

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