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Prevention and Relief for Eczema

Posted by Drew Mandish on

Prevention and Relief for Eczema

The goals of eczema treatment fall into basically two categories: prevention and relief.

Prevention of flare ups and infection is primary. If the problem can be minimized, or even avoided altogether, then further treatment (and its associated effort, expense, and pain) will also be minimized. However, if flare ups do occur, then treating them diligently will help prevent infection. The causes and variables of eczema are many. Age, collateral medical issues, severity of symptoms, environment, and other factors impact the extent and severity of an episode. Finding relief and preventing further discomfort is key. An extensive array of treatment are available depending on the mitigating factors – everything from Over The Counter (OTC) treatments, to prescriptions, to daily routines for both prevention and relief. The National Eczema Association maintains a product directory of OTC Drugs which have received that entity’s Seal of Acceptance™ designation. The product list is independent of other approvals, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which evaluates product safety. carries products designed to help you live well with eczema. As always, be sure to consult with your health care providers about any treatments or changes to your treatment routines.

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