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Live Life to the Fullest, Despite Diabetes

Posted by Drew Mandish on


The cure for diabetes today is to manage it. Advances in medical science make treatment an option, but a cure is out of reach for the moment. Managing diet, exercise, and medical treatment is the three-legged stool to keep quality of life as a high as possible.

Consult with your healthcare provider.

Advocate. Advocate. Advocate. You are your own best advocate. Whenever you have questions or seem undecided about a course of action, take the time to research what you can, ask knowledgeable sources, and always seek help from your healthcare provider.


Ask your healthcare provider for the recommended amount of exercise in your case. Usually 20-30 minutes most days of the week is adequate. Walking, gym, pool, or a whole variety of different exercises can help you reach your healthy living goals, so experiment to find the exercise that you like most.

Adjust your diet.

Most experts agree that diet is key to maintaining healthy living when you have diabetes. However, avoid the urge to make a radical change to your diet. Planning is the key to purposeful eating. Learn how to eat at consistent times, limit total caloric intake, and space carbohydrate intake over the course of the day. Every diabetic individual has differing needs, so it's likely that your doctor or dietician has tailored the diet suggestion to your specific needs. If you haven't been given a recommended diet, ask for one. Be intentional about managing your diabetes until the day when medical science finds a cure. Until then, PlanetRx is committed to supporting your healthy living choices.

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