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Fish Oil 101

Posted by Drew Mandish on

Fish oil can be taken in the form of a supplement or through adding fish to your diet. Claims of the benefits of fish oil range from helping to lower cholesterol to curing cancer, but what are the real benefits, and is it worth taking? Fish oil or omage-3 fatty acids are found in certain fatty fish such as mackerel, tuna, salmon, anchovy, sardines and herring to name a few. The body does not produce its own omega-3 fatty acids. Research has shown that fish oil is effective for lowing triglyceride levels by 20% to 50%. High triglycerides are associated with heart disease and diabetes.  Fish oil is likely effective for treating and preventing heart disease. It can be effective for keeping healthy people from developing the disease and those already diagnosed can lower their risk of dying from the disease. Omega-3s can possibly be effective for a number of other conditions such as lowering blood pressure, relieving rheumatoid arthritis and menstrual pain as well as lower the risk of stroke; however more research is needed to confirm the effectiveness. Fish oil is likely safe for most people when taken in a low 3g or less per day dose. There are some safety concerns when taking fish oil in high doses. It is recommended that you take fish oil supplements with meals or freeze them first to decrease side effects such as heartburn, bad breath or belching. The wellness take…The most natural way to obtain omega-3 fatty acids is though eating fish. The way that the fish is prepared can have an impact on your health too! Broiled or baked is a healthy way to prepare fish. Eating fried fish or a heavy fish sandwich or taco can add excess calories or unhealthy oils. Try baking your fish with light spices and serve with a slice of lemon to squeeze on top.

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  • Hi Jake,
    We really recommend that you speak with your doctor in regards to your intake concerns. Thanks for checking out our blog and hope that what we post can give you some help. Feel free to check out other items you may be interested in at

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  • I read in some article that Omega 3 supplement derived from fish oil may cause prostate cancer, I’ve been taking Omega 3 supplement for a couple of months now for joint pains and over all heart health. Ever since I’ve been diagnosed with arthritis(RA) we’ve been particular with our diet and including food rich in Omega 3… Since we are also taking these supplement almost 3gms daily, Would it be considered as an excessive intake of Omega 3, Any thoughts?

    Jake D on Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement on

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