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Diabetic Wound Care

Posted by Drew Mandish on

Caring for wounds resulting from diabetes complication can be a chasm that seems difficult, if not impossible, to cross. According to

A lack of circulation in the extremities can result in a reduced supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body tissue and nerves, which is necessary for healing. Over time, nerves in these areas may become damaged, decreasing the sensation of pain, temperature and touch, making patients vulnerable to injury.
Whether the wound is caused externally  – like a cut, bump, or bruise – or caused internally, such as ulcers, ingrown nails, or callouses – diabetes can complicate detection and delay treatment. Should a wound occur, take care of the wound immediately. Don’t delay treatment as bacteria can build up after the injury. Clean the wound well following general first aid or your doctor’s instructions. If the wound is on the foot or leg, keep pressure off the wound as it heals. Finally, follow-up with your doctor. PlanetRx is committed to helping you build bridges to a healthier life. As always, consult with your health care providers for individual diagnosis and treatment plans.

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