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Diabetes and Flying Cars

Posted by Drew Mandish on

Remember when movies and TV shows -- especially older cartoons -- predicted that we would be driving flying cars by now? Some predictions those turned out to be. No George Jetson like car in the garage yet, but one technology that could make your life better -- especially in you’re wrestling with diabetes -- is the smartphone. From simple journaling apps that allow you to track relevant stats all the way to phone cases with built-in glucose meters, there are emerging smartphone technologies with the common goal of more aggressive monitoring of body conditions. According to the University of Florida Diabetes Institute there are over 1,000 apps designed to assist with diabetes management. There are also apps for caregivers. Developers offer several tools for people who look after individuals with diabetes. Smartphone software developers such as Dexcom,Medtronic, Glucose Buddy, and American Association of Diabetes Educators offer apps filled with training, education, and other items of use for caregivers. One thing to keep in mind is that a smartphone is only as good as its battery. If you consider using your smartphone to help manage diabetes (or any life-impacting condition) be sure the phone is with you and fully charged, and consult with your health-care provider over your tech assistant. PlanetRx is committed to helping you live a healthy life, even without the flying cars.

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