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Allergy and Medical Alert Bracelets Kids Will Actually WANT To Wear

Posted by Drew Mandish on

1 out of every 13 children in the US has severe food allergies according to If your child is one of these kids, then you know the worry that can come along with leaving your child in the care of others. Camps, schools, daycares, and even a friend’s house can all become places where your child could potentially come into contact with an allergen.  If you are not there, how will you keep your child safe? One way is by making sure every caregiver is aware of your child’s allergies and medical conditions by having them wear an Allermates alert wristband. These wristbands allow the caregiver to more easily identify any allergens or medical conditions your child has. Every Allermates character and product was created by Iris Shamus after one of her children was diagnosed with severe food allergies and asthma. She wanted a fun, non-intimidating way to help her child understand his health concerns while keeping him safe. When you look at the vibrant colors and lovable characters on each product, you can tell she has done just that. All of the Allermates bracelets are adjustable and free of BPA, phthalates, nickel, and latex. Each bracelet is designed to fit most kids ages two and up. They are seven inches in length and adjustable to help ensure a comfortable fit for your child. There are many different designs available in the line. There is even a customizable bracelet in case your child’s allergy is not available, or if you want to condense multiple allergies to one bracelet. The medicine cases are compact, insulated, and come with a double-sided emergency contact and medications information card.  Plus, they have super cool designs that kids will love to have with them. Each case can easily be clipped onto a backpack for easy portability. Obviously, parents want to know their children will be safe when in the care of others. These products help ensure that allergies and medical conditions will be clearly known to all caregivers. You can’t possibly ignore the brightly colored bracelets and carrying cases! Kids will love these items and will actually want to wear them. To show just how fun these characters are, here is a video with two popular characters teaching kids with food allergies how to be safe. Wristbands and carrying cases can be found at

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