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All Family Exercise Supports Healthy Living

Posted by Drew Mandish on

Research shows that exercise and a good diet are tremendously helpful in developing healthy living choices. The facts are that families who exercise together stay healthy. The trick is to find engaging and convenient ways to get your children moving, no matter how young. Habits established early in life tend to carry on throughout later years. Even children under three are developing habits, routines, and beliefs about the world that will shape their brain development. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends 60 minutes of robust activity each day.

Just walk.

Walking can be great exercise, and to our point, can easily be done with all family members. If the children are not walking yet then strap them into a stroller or in a safe body carrier. Even if there is a wheelchair bound family member, pushing them along for the walk is a reasonable exercise.

Just dance.

Children usually enjoying dancing. In fact, children of all ages sometimes love to dance. Dance outside in the rain, or avoid the bad weather and dance inside. Crank up the music and have fun. Dancing is an excellent aerobic activity that can be enjoyed by all family members.

Just think.

Look for opportunities to be active in the everyday moments. Get up off the couch during TV commercials and move around. Park farther away from the store entrance and walk the distance. Take the stairs - two floors down and one floor up. There are lots of ideas for getting your children moving with you, engaging the whole family is exercising together to support healthy living. Wellness research over the past decade or two confirms the importance of active lifestyles and healthy diets. The U.S. goverment has more information, activities suggestions, and links on their website too -
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