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4 Ways to Trim the Holiday Fat

Posted by Drew Mandish on

4 Ways to Trim the Holiday Fat

With Thanksgiving now behind us on the calendar it’s likely that some folks are questioning their eating habits.

The pants begin to feel a little snug and we realize that we ate, well, everything in sight and did not eat well at all. Really, who can resist all that decadent fare? is commited to helping our friends make healthy choices for their lives, and that includes eating well during the holiday seasons. Here are a few tips about how to make good choices and avoid the guilt and pounds that may settle in later.
  1. Keep up your regular routines. Don’t give up on exercise during your days off work or days away from home. Don’t have access to the gym? Try a long walk, bike right, or light jog instead. Eat regularly too. Avoid binging on big meals, and keep healthy snacks on hand for those in-between cravings.
  2. Be aware of the holiday trimmings. The main course may not be as bad for you as all the little extras, like gravy, heavy sauces, cheeses, whipped cream, butter, and sugars. Try to avoid eating extras, even to be polite, and keep to healthy food staples.
  3. Raise a glass, sparingly. Alcohol can account for lots of empty calories. Alternate glasses of cheer with glasses of water, even water flavored with citrus or cranberries can save your waistline.
  4. Enjoy. Enjoy your friends, family, holiday games, and activities rather than focusing on the foods and drinks that may be tempting you. The more you interact away from the table the less likely you’ll be to indulge in the bounty set out on the table.
As with all health decisions, be sure to consult with your health provider before making significant changes to your diet, exercise, or other wellness routines.

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